A human is the only creature who thinks about future. A bright future where the life is beautiful, convenient and the standard of life is ever raising. A financially sound human lives a better life than an individual with chaotic financial graph.

This is the sole problem of all the roots of all the problem of society, and we want to solve these problem by providing timely guidance regarding financial planning.

THELYF Investment and financial is dedicated to maintaining its traditional trading businesses, while developing new markets and increasing its reach in investment product such mutual fund, SIP, portfolio management services, fixed deposit scheme, government bonds, equity, and other investment product.

We handle investments according to an internally-formulated investment mandate, or process.

THELYF Investment & financial services focuses on sustainable businesses that have long-term growth objectives with an opportunity for global expansion.


The aim to be number one investment and financial service provider, we are here to help you create wealth and provide you with capital, when you need it the most.


To bring financial freedom to every home in our country and raising the life standard of every citizen.


To be globally recognized and respected for world class investment and financial service.